Samsung could make an intelligent ring

For some time now the wearables or wearable devices are among us.

Many doubt whether it is a fad or here to stay for devices that are appearing, but I think that either as we know and some that are yet to come will stay until we understand how we were able to live without them. Probably with this in mind, Samsung has patented an intelligent ring that would be controlled by gestures.

The ring described in the patent would be able to, for example, control smartphones, televisions and home automation products. A lack of test it, I must confess that I find the idea interesting.

What would be more convenient to control the TV in our room with just making a gesture with our thumb? If Samsung does well, and here comes in both software and hardware and design, this ring can be very interesting for many products manufactured by the Korean giant plug.

The most interesting thing is that this ring would be like a universal remote capable of controlling many connected devices. If we unleash our imagination and we look to the future, we could control the light in our room, change channels on our TV or look at the state of the machine sitting in our favorite lounge chair viagra sample pack.

Returning to reality, all that is known about this ring is that it has a mobile bezel like the one with the Samsung S2 Gear

Samsung is not the first company to introduce a patent on a clever ring appears. Apple and Microsoft and patented its own patents, but the main difference of this patent is that the ring Samsung could connect to Facebook and other social networks.

June 2, 2014