10 Tips and Tricks for Star Wars Battlefront

10 Tips and Tricks for Star Wars Battlefront

A few weeks ago he was released an action game in first and third person that recreates the conflict between Darth Vader, Han Solo and Luke Skywalker; here, some assistance to reach the final.

There is almost no aspect of marketing that has not been exploited in recent weeks by the arrival of the new film in the series of Star Wars. From toys for boys to t-shirts and merchandise of all kinds will be stained by the new misadventures of the future of the universe. Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Video games have also been part of this move and matching by a difference of a few days with the release of Episode VII: The awakening of the Force came Star Wars Battlefront, an action game in first and third person that has versions for consoles One Xbox, PlayStation 4 and Windows PC.

Here are some tips and tricks of this new title of EA Games.

1) If you are playing in multiplayer mode as Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker, remember that you can catch the opponent if properly pressed the stick (or lever) or right button. Of course if you have the corresponding star charts that appear on the screen below right.

2) You can also back from the dead, if the two previous characters becomes incarnate, close allies and enemies. This is done with the buttons and the Xbox and PlayStation Triangle.

3) It is important to have certain amount of credits to unlock some weapons and interpret certain characters. We could win the tutorials before starting to play online. There are five missions to perform and could get up to 1250 credits as not very difficult.

4) When the role of pilots of an A-Wing is met, X-Wing or the Millennium Falcon must remember that the higher the speed, the less the explosive power of the shooting. Besides being vague.

5) The address where you will find the trophies are on the planet Hoth can be collected as Boba Fett.

6) All users recommend seasoned foot play in the third person rather than first, as it will be safer from surprise attacks from the flanks.

7) Related to the above, we should not fly first person but in the third, unless it is an excellent pilot.

8) If the turrets are handled DF9, not shoot like crazy. They overheat and take to be allowed to continue using them.

9) The Battlefront, and credit ranges in addition, has a system of star charts that give special abilities. According to the mission in multiplayer, agree the combination of star charts to be used.

10) Not only one you will have to collect the chips or trophies but prevent the opponent from doing the same. Therefore, it is important the time taken in each mission.

November 11, 2014