Google Play Store warn about advertising in free apps

If you’re wondering what this free app if you like having advertising, soon Google Play Store will notify you if so.

From 2016, when users go to download an app from Google Play you will see if it has ads or not. Google has already asked apps developers entering state whether their apps contain advertising before January 11 to put this initiative.

Until January 11 developers include this information through Google Play console and from that date, they must make a declaration of advertising ever to include an update of the apps.

Which does not work properly, you may be expelled from the store. Review Android Smartphone

But that does not mean that on that date have to be shown publicly.

Thus, Google may have a label informing the user if the app you download will have ads.

This label is new but not the only, since Google and used since to identify those apps that are suitable for families.

The impact at home: It is not clear when users begin to see these labels. Developers must declare advertising support for 11 denero, but that does not mean that Partior then begin to show publicly.

When in fact it begins to show, it will be an added value for users who wonder if they think that greatuita download application has advertising.

November 11, 2015