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Easy Ways to Repurpose an Old PC

If you have an old MacBook, laptop or desktop PC sitting around gathering dust why not get it up and running again? Doing so will save you money, and help to ensure that your old tech gadgets do not end up in landfill.

Here are a couple of great ways to repurpose your old tech for you to consider.

out site Turn it into an entertainment server

buy it If you enjoy watching box sets and movies, turning your old PC into an entertainment server is an excellent idea. You can store a lot of media on an old hard drive, and use a simple piece of software like Plex to access it all. This allows you to use your home’s Wi-Fi to send the images or music to any connected screen, or device, in your home.

Turn it into a secure access station

buy it These days, keeping your personal data secure is very important, but it is becoming increasingly difficult to do so. Every time you click a link or download something to your network connected devices, you risk introducing a virus or malware into your system. Often those infected files will infiltrate your smartphone, tablet or laptop, gather your personal details, and share them with potential ID thieves.

These days, having a secure PC to do your banking on makes a lot of sense. You can load it with high-grade security software, and only turn it on when you really need to. This helps to keep it virus free and thus reduce the chances of your important personal details being stolen.

buy it Where to get your PC fixed

If you are looking for PC repair in Hallandale just click the link. This firm offers an excellent service. They can carry out virtually any repair, and use couriers to offer their services to people from across the entire country.

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February 16, 2016