AV Tech Fails

3 Lessons to Learn From AV Tech Fails

It is never a good thing when technology fails. You need your event to run smoothly – tech fails are something you definitely want to avoid. But unfortunately technology does sometimes go wrong. Fortunately, you can learn some lessons from common tech problems that will help you avoid the same thing happening to you.

  1. How to Always Have Technology That Works

One problem people have with event technology is it doesn’t work as they expected it to. While the technology may have been tested in advance and planned, something goes wrong on the day and it just doesn’t work. This could be as simple as items not connecting to each other, or as complex as touch screen technology that doesn’t gather any information. It is even more of a problem when the event is in full swing and stress levels are already high.

You can easily avoid this problem when you get an Av Hire package that comes with comprehensive setup assistance and backup on the day of the event in case of any unforeseen problems. It is essential you work with a provider you trust, who is communicative and able to act quickly to solve problems. In this way you don’t have to worry about last-minute panics.

  1. How to Make Sure That Technology Is Fully Utilized

Technology can fail if it is properly set up and working, but no one is noticing it or using it. This could mean that screens are showing information or entertainment that no one pays attention to, or that networking tools are not used fully. This scenario may not be the worst one because it doesn’t mean the event’s success is compromised, but it is far from ideal. To avoid this problem, first make sure that your technology is aligned with attendees’ needs. Ensure that they will be willing to work with the technology and that it will provide benefits. And ensure that any technology is accessible and that training is made available if necessary.

  1. How to Make Sure Technology Is Easy To Use

There is a problem if the technology you install cannot be used easily by organisers or attendees. Most people will avoid technology if it is not immediately clear how to operate it. Of course, some people will be more familiar with operating new technology than others but you do need to hire equipment that is simple to use. More complicated tech can be utilized by organisers who are familiar with it, and they can roll this out to others with the benefit of their knowledge.

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November 15, 2017