Do You Need to Pay for Antivirus?

Can you secure your computer and online business for free? This is a major concern for most upcoming internet marketers. In fact, some don’t see the need to secure their devices at all. You may not know the damage caused by internet hacking and viruses until you are a victim. Online accounts for institutions and major organisations across the world have been hacked. Every day, online scammers and hackers are searching for an easy and vulnerable computer to hack. It is advisable that you protect your online business by installing antivirus.


What’s the difference between paid and free security programs?

We all know that there are free and paid antivirus programs. As you run your business, do you really need to pay for the security program? Why should you pay for an antivirus when you can find a free version from the same provider? It is true that most antivirus manufacturers provide free and paid antivirus programs. To answer your concerns, it is important to know the difference between the two programs.



Although you might enjoy using the free antivirus version, it is important to note that its features are limited. Most features that are in the paid version are unlimited. Using limited features simply means that your computer is not fully secured. When using the free version, you will often get pop-ups urging you to upgrade your version for more security services.



One major difference you will notice between a free and paid antivirus program is the user support system. Premium users enjoy one-one live chats, email and phone support. Free antivirus users have limited support. They usually rely on tutorials and web forums for support. Considering the current level of computer insecurity, it is best that you go for a cheap antivirus program.


Automatic updates

Both free and paid antivirus software can protect you from common viruses. However, you need an updated antivirus to keep up with the newly invented malware. Every day, there is new malware invented. Unless you don’t access the internet via your computer, there is a great need to have an updated antivirus program. While paid programs are updated automatically, the free version can only be manually updated.


Although both programs are user-friendly, compatible and easily accessible, the difference is considerable when running an online business. It is always best to secure your computer with the best antivirus program. There are different programs from different manufacturers. The best way to choose the best is to compare the features, functions and support services. You can also compare their prices to find a robust antivirus program at an affordable price. A paid antivirus program guarantees maximum security at all times.


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November 17, 2017