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Tech for Kids: What Are the Best Gifts?

It’s completely understandable to be on the fence regarding the purchase of different types of tech for your kids. After all, it’s only natural to be wary about the kind of effect you might have on your growing kids if you get them hooked on certain gadgets. While there are indeed a lot of cheap Samsung phones, would it develop a kind of reliance on them as time goes on? It’s certainly a valid question, but there honestly is a general reliance either way, so there’s no need to be completely defensive about tech for kids.

That still raises the question however of what kind of toy gadgets would make the best gifts for your children. While there are no right or wrong decisions, no matter what you choose, there are some choices out there that tend to shine – here are just a few.

The venerable cell phone

This is likely a choice that might generate some surprise, especially considering how easy it can be for some children to become completely absorbed by smart phones. However, when your children are attending school and going off on their own, it would certainly be best if you had a way of connecting with them. It doesn’t have to be a smart phone right off the bat, there are plenty of different phones designed for children that can make thoughtful and practical gifts for your growing kids. Obviously, some of the kid-friendly low-cost phones don’t seem like much if you compare Samsung phones side by side with them, but they’re not meant to; it’s a starting point, their first cell phone.

A video-game console

Many of us growing up have read video-game magazines, drooling at the thought of owning one of these perpetual fun boxes. If your children have been particularly obedient this year and have been getting some pretty good grades, you might want to reward them with a video-game console. While they might be too young to really enjoy the more heavy-duty consoles such as PlayStation or Xbox, a console meant for family fun such as the Wii-U can be a wonderful gadget for your kids. These aren’t just electronic gadgets for men, they are fun for the whole family.

There are a few honourable mentions, such as the desktop computer or the more educational toys for your kids, but the top two are definitely the cell phone and the video-game console. The former gets them used to owning a phone all the while giving you a direct line to them for when they’re in school. The latter might cost a bit more, but is something that can help your entire family bond together. While kids gadgets aren’t something to be tackled recklessly, there are also plenty of different benefits that outweigh most possible side-effects.




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December 12, 2017