Battlefield: Game Review

After almost a decade in existence, the Battlefield series seems to have finally found their perfect war. Battlefield 1 takes gamers to the First World War and does so in a unique way that sets this game apart from all other games they have developed. While reviewing the game, this time around DICE got it right and deservedly so, considering the time they took to create the game.

The game is a welcome breath of fresh air to both fans of the Battlefield series and the game’s developers. The last game struggled to compete with other similarly themed games on the market.

Battlefield game that was released on the 21st of October narrowly falls short of perfection. Naturally the graphics and audio in the game are of the highest quality. The game-play is smooth and very engaging. Players will find it easy to spend 7 or 8 hours playing this game. The story lines in the game are the icing on the cake. They are the missing element that the Battlefield series were so badly needed to set it to differentiate it from its competitors.

The only thing that is needed in this game to achieve perfection is real money prizes. However, this would turn the game into a profitable business just like forex trading. Then thousands of players would be unable to access the game due to legislative restrictions.

As the gaming shifted focus from modern warfare to early twentieth century warring they seem to have picked up better story telling abilities. The stories in this game are actually worth following and add a new dimension to the game. Stories in the game no longer follow a linear path which requires players to start at the beginning and progress through the game. Rather players can start anywhere as the stories are not linearly connected. The characters at the various stages of game are also different.

Feel good as shoot your way through enemy lines in Battlefield 1.

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April 22, 2018