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Resolving Security Concerns Related to Cloud Computing

The adoption of cloud computing has become widespread in the last few years. Many businesses have also turned to this solution in order to store large volumes of data making it more efficient and accessible even when outside the office. The level of connectivity in today’s world indeed requires enterprises to evolve and adopt new measures and cloud storage has been one of the most innovative technologies launched.

There is no doubt that with cloud business intelligence, businesses reap the benefit of mobile access to files as well as cost-effective storage. Nevertheless, there are still a few concerns with cloud computing that need to be addressed. The primary deterrent why some people are not keen to adopt this technology is the level of security. Is it really secure to store your files in the cloud?

Safeguarding your Information

Information security is paramount for any company dealing with sensitive data. Data breaches can be debilitating for any business and should be avoided at all costs. Cloud computing is unique because you will be relying on a third-party to manage your files. It is also a fact that with cloud storage, some people may think that it will be more prone to attacks from hackers or any party interested in using the information for their gain. Recent scandals involving data security have made people warier of the possibility for data mining and breaches.

Nevertheless, not all cloud storage solutions offer the same service. You can find many cloud storage solution providers such as Azure cloud services that have the highest end-to-end encryption to protect and secure account information. You can visit their website to learn more about how your information is kept secure.

How do cloud storage solutions protect your data?

Cloud storage solutions encode their client’s data and use a specific encryption key to read the information. The encryption key is the only tool that can decode the data, hence, without it anyone who tries to access the information will have no use for it. The service can either keep the encryption key or assign specific individuals to have control over it.

Experts suggest that on top of the encryption offered by the cloud storage service provider, businesses should also take an added measure which is to encrypt files before uploading them to the cloud. This adds an extra layer of protection against possible breaches.

There are many trustworthy cloud storage services out there that have been checked and validated by researchers like Azure services. This is why you should always research whether the cloud storage solutions you are entrusting your data to have the capability to keep your data secure. Learn more about how each service works and compare the feature of their services.

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May 14, 2018